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Data Licensing Partnership

Use the data licensing products and services on offer from SGM, and you can make sure that you get it right.

Data Licensing – Marketing professionals need access to good data if they want to carry out their work well. Quality data gives them the ability to gain the insights and intelligence that they need to understand their audience, their customers, and other people and patterns too. In the modern world, it’s essential that data is collected accurately, with the correct permissions, and held securely. However, achieving this is often much easier said than done. Marketers are recognizing that they require secure and authorized data that is clean and true, which will help them fulfill their goals. Securing agreements for the use and resale of marketing databases in the long term gives them access to the licensed data that they require.

Data Licensing Insights from SGM

We use up-to-date technology and practices to develop and maintain our data records, including mailing, sales and email lists for a range of industries. Our custom b2b contact data provider and ready-packaged are licensed to businesses and marketing professionals to give them the information they need to reach their desired audience. We invest more than 2 million each year and have over 300 full-time researchers on our team to ensure the veracity and accuracy of our data.

The Difficulties Faced By Marketers

  • Relying on affiliated channels for data, which can lack security and take too much time
  • Access to limited data resources
  • Failing databases that lose accurate information every month
  • Inaccurate data makes it hard to compete in your industry
  • Managing costs and limited usability
  • Struggling to reach business goals
  • Consequences for conversion rates and ROI when lacking quality data

How We Help

  • We provide a one-stop-shop for licensed data reducing your reliance on other channels
  • Use your data as you wish and be sure that you can use and share it securely
  • Know that the data you receive comes from reliable and accurate sources
  • We keep our data up to date, clean and validated for your reassurance
  • Clean and update your data whenever you want and need to
  • Customize your lists to receive the targeted data that you require
  • Instant access to the information that you need
  • Marketing experts are available to help you and provide advice

Maintaining and using the data that you require is a task that needs precision, knowledge and constant attention. Simplifying it doesn’t come easy, but owning the data that you need makes it much easier for you to use it in the way that works best for you and easier for you to understand how to wield it accurately. Use the data licensing products and services on offer from SGM, and you can make sure that you get it right. SGM is one of the best b2b contact data provider.

Identify Target Market helps in focused prospecting, precise branding, and faster revenue growth.

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Data Licensing


Cover all your markets with our custom compiled data and segment down finely to target each niche with better and better initiatives.

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Go in prepared. Understand your corporate prospect’s competitive advantage and business strategy. Shape your offer to meet their needs.

Data Licensing Partnership


Thinking about buying custom compiled data, but not sure what data you might want? Have a look at some of our most popular lists to get your creative juices going!.

Data Licensing Partnership


Understand your markets better. Measure the differing strength of each response and gain detailed insights into the right pitches for the right customers.

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