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Account Intelligence

Account Intelligence for Email Marketing & Sales Campaigns. One of the most important things that any business can do is understand the decision making process.

One of the best ways that you can improve your sales and marketing for your business is with the correct account profiling services. At SGM, we provide in-depth account profiling to help you reach the right decision-makers. We offer the B2b Sales Intelligence customized sales intelligence reports that will give you the exact information that you need. You want to stand out from the competition, and when it comes to bringing your business through a crisis, your account intelligence matters here.

Account intelligence plays a key role in your business, providing you with the correct, relevant information on key decision-makers, the decision-making process, and current vendors to ensure that you can determine what potential a business has within an account. We know that the process for sales can last up to six months, and the only way that you can reduce this is to invest in the best account profiling possible. If you know what your clients need, you can invest in that and gain insights that you need about your business prospects. From this, you can finally start the right meaningful conversations that really resonate with your clients.

B2b Sales Intelligence, At SGM, we offer intelligent, expert account intelligence services with reports that will offer you the right information to reach more than your specific customers. We can help you to reach the right departments in those companies, too. We’ll map the entire online landscape of the company based on the right location and period. We offer more than this, too, in that we combine our research with lead generation and a range of internal and external data.

The SGM Approach

B2b Sales Intelligence, At SGM, we’re proud to approach business to business account intelligence with a new approach. We generate the best data from more than one intelligence source and we use web sources, proprietary research, and primary/secondary research. All of this in-depth information helps us to shape the necessary information for the best account intelligence possible. Our process involves the help of an integrated analysis no matter what, with the direct conversation with key personnel as you move through the decision making process for your business.

As well as this, SGM will work to provide account intelligence that your business needs for crucial events that the key decision-makers will be willing to identify. This will help to gain more face time as you need it, too.

B2b Sales Intelligence – Choosing SGM

When you choose SGM, you are choosing experts who have years of considerable experience in research. Our knowledge allows us to have the correct, most relevant communication and experience with the correct interactions at the same time. We work with a range of businesses to append the correct information, research the data that you need, and provide you with the best account intelligence possible.

At SGM we serve a range of industries, from banking and financial services to insurance and healthcare. When you are in need of in-depth account intelligence, talk to the experts at SGM today and we’ll be more than happy to dive in and help. Give us a call today on +1–302-351-2405 and we’ll work with you on your account intelligence.

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B2b Sales Intelligence


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