Every Great Campaign Begins With Great Strategy

Data acquisition helps you fulfill that strategy

Your highest value prospects

Top marketers already know what their highest value prospects look like. They already know what contact data they need to reach them. And they get their data tailor-made to fit. We know. Our guys have worked with some of the best...custom compiling specialist lists for their strategically focused campaigns.

Get chatting to any member of our sales team and they'll share with you some of the secrets they've accumulated over the years of working with high powered marketers. We're happy to use our insider knowledge to level the playing field for you. In fact our whole suite of marketing services has been designed around doing just that.

Measuring outcomes

We know it's important to high performing sales leaders that they justify their marketing spending with real results. This means they direct their focus to measuring outcomes. We believe that all marketers should acquire this skill. The first step is in the strategy design itself — every great strategy must first be designed around measuring outcomes.

Designing your campaign around the results you want to measure changes your whole outlook on marketing. Your focus shifts and you re-evaluate each element in your campaign for its capability to deliver those precious metrics.

Segmented data

Well segmented data provides the ability to measure how each distinct target audience responds. It offers the promise of insights into each of the distinct personalities of your audience. It delivers the means to create the right message for the right prospects, based on these insights...and the capability to keep re-evaluating your insights about changing audience personalities with each new marketing initiative...this is the art of marketing.

Segment finely to measure each audience

The fundamental element for campaigns is contact data...and it's the segmentation of that data that is valuable in measuring campaign success.

Having your data segmented, by industry, by company size, by job titles, by geography, by technology spending, or significant other divisions, is invaluable. The secret is to have a large amount of data to fully cover all your markets, but segmented down finely so that you can target and measure each audience response specifically.

Segmented data helps justify marketing spending by giving you the potential to measure results. But the real beauty of segmented data lies in its long term value, in helping you develop a deeper knowledge of your customers, and therefore a deeper engagement with them.

Great strategy means measuring outcomes...

  • Know what your highest value prospects look like
  • Get your contact data custom made to fit that criteria
  • Identify what outcomes you want to measure
  • Evaluate the design of each element in your campaign to deliver on those metrics

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