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Find Out How Many Contacts Match Your Best-Fit Customer Profile

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Buying Your Email List

When you buy one of our email lists, you’ll have a database of contacts that'll make up your entire target market. It means you’ll have incredibly valuable intelligence on your audience. You’ll know:

  1. The full extent of your market – all the companies that comprise it
  2. The detail on each and every one of the companies in your market
  3. The information on each person you need to get to know in each company with full contact details

This means that when you buy your email list you have fully identified your audience. The full reach of your market, the detail of it and how to get personal. All you have to do now is get to know them.

Topics we’ll cover:

      • How to segment your email list
      • Why you need to segment your email list
      • How buying an email list helps you target the right audience
      • The pros and cons of buying an email list versus using your subscribers list
      • Using the right email campaign service
      • Nurturing your audience



Because your email list is formatted as a segmented database of contacts, you can do a deep dive and explore each segment of your market. For example, you can break up your email list by:

      • Region
      • Company revenue
      • Number of employees
      • Sub industries
      • Specific job titles
      • SIC code

By breaking up your email list you can explore the group behaviours of your market. For example, with a healthcare list, you could look at clinics in Georgia versus clinics in California, what makes them tick, what gets their goat. Or for hospitals with more than 10,000 employees, what specific conversations you can have that’ll make sense to them. You want to know what they are interested in, how to engage them, how to nurture them.

A segmented email list will help you explore what they’re interested in

You want to find an energy of intensity. What keeps them awake at night, dreaming or fretting, what do they care about the most? You’re looking for a way into a conversation with them that they will love you for because you’ve hit on a pet subject of theirs or enlightened them on something that matters to them. This is exactly what we do in our content marketing service.

A segmented email list will help you see how to engage them

Once you know what they care about, you’ll also understand how your service or product could help them. A light bulb will go off inside you the moment you see the fit between what you’re selling and what they need, that’s the opportunity.

A segmented email list will help you understand how to nurture them

Once you’ve homed in on your audience, you’ll naturally keep finding better and better ways to serve them. You’ll be able to go deeper. You’ll be able to unpack the detail of what you do in a way that resonates with them. And in a way that brings out your product’s fullest value. Which means you’ll be able to increase the value of your offering because you’ll discover the specifics of how your product is important to them.

And that’s what’s great about having this kind of email list, because it gives you the extent and detail of the market so you can go in and explore it, you can experiment with it, you can see where the fit is between what they’re concerned about and what you can offer them, and you can discover how to increase your value to them.



You can only go deeper when you’ve found your perfect audience. And buying a bespoke email list that covers your entire target market allows you to do that.

You need the best fit audience if you want to go deeper. Our team works with you to develop the criteria for a highly targeted business list that makes sense to you. We build it uniquely for you.

If you get your audience wrong, even slightly, no amount of analysis on what they’re interested in is going to yield valuable insights.

You’ll keep finding mismatches, they don’t actually need what you’re offering, they’re a bit tepid about the problem your product addresses, it doesn’t address their most pressing problems. You can’t engage them easily, you can’t nurture them, you can’t increase the value of your product, and you can’t close them. And if you do sell to them, they’ll be the ones who complain.

So finding your ideal audience, in a decent size sample, that you can break down and examine in detail, will get you the right data on how to approach them, how to nurture them and how to have more satisfied customers. A decent size sample can be several thousands, which may be the entirety of your market.



Relying on website subscribers alone might not get you the right audience, and most certainly won’t get you enough of the right audience.

We’re not knocking subscribers lists, we have one of our own. We’re just saying they’re very different beasts.

Many articles on the internet will tell you that your subscriber list is the only valuable email list to have. That you should rely on them exclusively and not buy an email list of contacts who haven’t already engaged with you. It’s small businesses which tend to let this limiting view influence them, because the large players are already well into buying their email lists, they know the advantages of both.

There’s pros and cons to everything.

The pros with your own subscribers list is that prospects have given you permission to email them, they’re interested in the subject, they’re already warm to you and so they’re easier to convert into buyers.

With bought email lists, your prospects have not directly given you permission to email them. So to ensure they don’t unsubscribe from your messages, or worse, mark your message as spam, your content needs to be highly relevant. So relevant in fact that, even when your prospects don’t want your service, they won’t unsubscribe because as a business they need to be informed of what’s going on in their market.

The key is in the content. If your emails keep your prospects informed about issues that matter to them, then you’re nurturing long term relationships.

Want some help with your content strategy and content creation? Take a look at our content marketing service.

The cons with your subscribers list are that your subscribers can’t substitute for the massive power of an email list that covers your entire market. Because usually

  1. They’ll be too few of them.
  2. They’ll be too dispersed, sprinkled across a large variety of industries, geographies and job levels. Too scattered for targeted messages.
  3. They may be nothing like your potential buyers because what you’ve offered them to sign up doesn’t match what you’re selling them.
  4. When you qualify them and find most of them are not your best fit leads, if you’re smart you won’t want to spend your energy nurturing them.

In short depending entirely on your subscribers list gives you an imperfect knowledge of the market and an imperfect reach.

But there is wealth in your subscriber list. And the way to find it is by filling in the missing data using an appending service.

Our data appending service doesn’t just add emails to a list, but also any other field we’d normally include in our bought email lists, such as job titles, postal addresses (so you can break the list down into regions), SIC codes and company sizes.

It means that you’ll be able to segment the list according to the same criteria as bought lists, filter them to find your best-fit contacts, and write relevant messages for each audience segment.

Most successful businesses use a healthy mix of inbound and outbound tactics to get leads, they find that each complements the other. And, according to Demand Metric research, they also find that slightly more than half of their sales come from outbound marketing, and almost half come from inbound marketing.



When you email your list remember to use an email service that allows you to email to bought lists. Some of the popular ones, like MailChimp and Constant Contact are aimed at small businesses and they specifically prohibit the use of bought lists in their terms of use. They’ll mess up your email delivery and blame it on you.

You’ll need a professional level email service, rather than a popular one, because the professional level ones are used to working with bought email lists (they don’t purposely block them).

Have a look at our own professional level email platform which our clients to use. It’s what we use and we’ve found the best ways to improve on delivery rates.



Once you understand where the fit is between what your prospects are concerned about and what you can offer them, and you discover how to increase your value to them, it’s good to use a combined approach to inbound and outbound marketing.

For example, when you email your list you not only need a good pitch for your sales letter, you also need great content on your website and content elsewhere that comes up in a search on your company. Because when your email recipients get your email, if they like the message, the first thing they’ll do is look you up and see what else they can find about you. And you’ll want them to find lots of good things.

The value of buying your email list, a custom made one that’s a good fit for your business, lies in the fact that it gives you the information you need to discover how to nurture your market.

So if you’re ready to find out the full extent of your market and get personal, we’re happy to build an email list specially made for you.


Find Out How Many Contacts Match Your Best-Fit Customer Profile

We value your privacy

Oh, we almost forgot to mention that our lists come with a 90% accuracy guarantee.

We can offer that guarantee because we custom build our lists fresh at the point of sale, and we verify the contacts before we send them to you, so we know we’ve sent you a really good list and it’s up to date…because we love satisfied customers!