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Designing A Content Marketing Strategy
To Build Your Authority Online

When you know your own business so well it can be quite a challenge to take on the mindset of an outsider, a visitor to your website or a reader of your content.

That’s why as a content marketing agency, we use our ability to see your business from an outsider’s perspective, from how it looks like to your ideal prospects, and what they might want to hear instead. And we add our own content marketing agency perspective too, bringing in our broader view on industry trends and marketing insights.

Take for instance the business of a pharmaceutical supplier. While they’ve valiantly filled up their website with information on manufacturing standards, technical processes and lists of drugs they produce, they’re unaware that the entire healthcare industry has now spun on its axis and is moving decisively towards a patient-centred focus.

As a content marketing agency with knowledge of the healthcare industry, we understand this trend intuitively. We know it’s the same as businesses needing to be increasingly customer focused instead of product focused as they once used to be. Businesses who know how to engage the customer, how to satisfy the customer, inevitably find themselves transforming their products to meet their customers’ desires. Well, the healthcare industry is just now playing catch up on that same global trend, its customers are its patients. And there’s a quiet revolution happening in all the healthcare services, they're restructuring themselves right as we speak, and that promises to become an unstoppable force.

But our pharmaceutical manufacturer hasn’t picked up on the fact that the pharma industry is having to dig in and work out how to be more patient-focused to respond to the changes in healthcare. This supplier isn’t talking about how their products benefit patients. How people can have healthier lifestyles, and live more freely, which is the ideal outcome for a health product, right? Their website content is exclusively focused on explaining how the product is produced. And because they haven’t picked up on this industry trend their marketing looks old fashioned, and their content appears heavy and unappealing.

It means they don’t just need our agency to provide some refreshing new articles that tap into the potential of industry trends, they need an entire new website. Because however great the content is that we do for them, however many new visitors it draws to the company site, unless the site speaks to the new ideals of the industry, prospects are just going to jump away and never come back.

As a content marketing agency, we know it’s not enough to simply supply content, it’s important to develop an overall content strategy and only then create the content that will work with it. So we won’t ever advise you to simply get one of our writers to create some compelling articles for you that will engage your audience and have them wanting more. Even if we could easily do that, and even if that’s what you say you want. Because ultimately we care about building your authority. And we know that’s what you want too.

So here’s what matters to us as a content marketing agency, it’s what we think of when we design a content strategy for you. We want our content marketing to:

      • Build your online authority as a likeable expert in your field
      • Increase the value of your products and services
      • Get you to the top of Google and keep you there
      • Attract more visitors to your website
      • Convert visitors into leads and leads into sales

And with those multiple aims in mind, here’s how we do it. As a content marketing agency we think of your campaign strategy in a holistic way.

We don’t like insipid articles written to fill the space, and we know readers don’t like that either, neither does Google.

We all like original, engaging, insightful, content with a distinctive author’s voice. That’s the kind of content we produce.

Creativity takes thought, inspiration and time as well as pounding the pavements, finding the right interviewees. Our team is made up of seasoned journalists, so we’re used to this, it’s what we love. We give creativity the space to work.

Our Content Marketing Strategy

  1. Audience research
  2. We start with your audience. We research your target industry and audience to understand what matters most to your ideal prospects and why. This is where it's useful to have a custom made email list of your best fit audience.

  3. Product and company research
  4. We research your company, your website and your products and services to see where the opportunity lies in the intersection between what you offer and what your prospects are interested in.

  5. Opportunities
  6. We look for the opportunities in the market for an effective engagement with your prospects through content.

  7. Content purpose
  8. We’ll recommend the different purposes that each piece of content can play for your scenario. For example one purpose may be to pitch for a sale, say in an email campaign. Another might be to get discovered and build your reputation. We believe that you need a range of content with each playing a different role in the whole campaign.

  9. Content format
  10. With each piece of content, we’ll also recommend the variety of formats that the content should take, for example, the same information may be used in an article, a video, an infographic, an e-book, a whitepaper, or a webinar. Several iterations of the same ideas presented in different formats helps your prospects revisit information afresh because they digest it in a new way. It increases the number of times the prospect engages with your business and builds depth in their relationship with you.

  11. Your prospect’s experience
  12. We look at your prospect's journey to see how we can optimize their content experience. Which means assessing your landing page content, your website content, as well as the means of new content delivery (for example, email, website, social media, trade journals). We’ll look at each delivery method to see what kinds of content would work best for that method. In email, for example, it is often best to intersperse sales pitches alongside a lot of engaging high value informational content.

  13. Campaign timing
  14. Once we know what kinds of content we want we’ll set up a schedule for the content to be rolled out, timing plays a crucial role in building interest.

  15. Content creation
  16. We don’t like insipid articles written to fill the space, and we know readers don’t like that either, neither does Google. We all like original, engaging, insightful, content with a distinctive author’s voice. That’s the kind of content we produce.

    Creativity takes thought, inspiration and time as well as pounding the pavements, finding the right interviewees. Our team is made up of seasoned journalists, so we're used to this, it's what we love. We give creativity the space to work.

  17. Optimizing the campaign
  18. Once we finalize the content and deliver it online, we monitor the stats to assess its effectiveness. And we’ll use those stats to analyze the different kinds of engagement and keep optimizing the campaign to perform better over time.


Every so often we discover a ‘gap’ in the market, a content marketing gap. And we know we can capitalize on it fully on behalf of a client by launching a targeted campaign armed at saturating the gap.

The gap is when your niche audience is searching Google for something they care about intensely and they’re not finding anything much useful in return.

There’s no valuable content from your competitors in answer to their need. It’s an uncontested opportunity. A gap waiting to be filled…by you. We’ve found the path of least resistance to get to the top of Google. It means we’ve found a need that your prospects have that no one is addressing.

Say for example, your audience is physicians and we’ve found a gap for the keyword ‘ICD10’. We’ve found out that there’s a huge number of searches that physicians do every month for ICD10 codes. But if there was very little in the way of useful content about ICD10, then that huge number of physicians would be left unsatisfied. That’s the gap.

It’s an opportunity for you to dominate the market by producing lots of relevant content that over-delivers on your prospects’ need. If we saturate the market with highly engaging content, leaving no room for competitors, we can show that all the expertise for solving the problem lies with your company.

It’s a specific, well-defined opportunity to create your reputation and come out on top of the industry.

So, to sum up, the gap is an opportunity that is uncontested, your competitors haven’t become aware of it…yet. It’s a premium opportunity to

      • Capitalize on a need your prospect has
      • Build your reputation as having the special expertise to solve their problem
      • Get to the top of Google
      • Saturate the market before your competitors become aware of it
      • Become dominant in the market

We come across a gap every once in a while, and, when we do, we can only offer one client the opportunity to rise up in their market through it.

Make sure you get to hear about the gaps we discover when we discover them so you can take advantage of this premium offer to dominate your market. Subscribe to our newsletter and we’ll keep you informed.


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